20 ago. 2017

Soviet commercials compilation

A lovely, lovely playlist!

19 ago. 2017

That's Racist!

¿No será racista este aviso del Ministerio de Salud sobre el VIH? Quizás me estoy poniendo demasiado políticamente correcto, pero no dejo de pensar en eso al ver este afiche. Tanto así que pensé que era falso, pero no lo es. Es parte de la nueva campaña del Gobierno contra la expansión del Sida.

The VW emissions scandal - Past, present and future | DW Documentary

German international television on the VW emissions scandal.

If I was an owner, I wouldn't care one bit about its emissions. I'm a bad guy. And also, when the cars are corrected to meet proper emissions, they won't perform as well as before, they won't be as sporty. The owners on this video don't even care about that, and I think that is either a huge overlook from the documentary makers, or a anti-car, pro-environment bias that should at least be recognized by them at the start. 

I mean, the whole point of the defeat device was to (falsely) offer both low emissions and good performance...

FOTOS Tomica No. 62 Mazda Atenza (Mazda 6)

Another pretty not-so-new Tomica gallery. Hope you enjoy!
Tomica No. 62 Mazda Atenza (Mazda 6) 3rd Gen

SciShow | Why Is It So Hard to Build an ICBM?

Great explanatory video from SciShow.

17 ago. 2017

TYT | Barcelona Rocked By Terrorist Attack

WARNING Contains very crude images of people wounded and murdered by terrorists today in Barcelona. Even with the slight censorship, and restraining from even worse parts I saw online, I'm surprised these images were shown on CNN. I didn't see them on Canal 13 (Chile) news an hour ago.

FOTOS Tomica No 82 Mazda CX-5

Not new, but not yet in the blog.
Tomica Mazda CX-5 & Norev Citroën C4 Aircross

Un boliviano

Hoy conseguí mi primera moneda de Bolivia. ¡Gracias, Violeta!
Un boliviano equivale a unos 90 pesos chilenos.

Juan Maestro: Filosofía rápida

(Sé que esto es muy viejo, pero recién lo vi en persona hace poco. Por si no lo encuentran raro, esa es parte de la canción de Digimon).

16 ago. 2017

VIDEO Aeroflot ad (1970)

Tamerlane Thoughts got me into looking for Soviet adverts. I want to find a very weird one I remember seeing online, but I haven't found it yet. In the meantime, have this cute promotional film (I'm not sure they can actually be called adverts, can they) from Aeroflot.

Para 2018 tendrá el Metro los primeros reemplazantes de los trenes NS-74

¿Significa esto la definitiva desaparición de los trenes originales del Metro de Santiago?

North Korea | Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)